Rhetorical Analysis Of Good Morning America By Hilary Clinton

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In the year of 2016, the most controversial issue that occurred was the presidential election. Hilary Clinton, a Democratic nominee and Donald Trump who is a part of the Republican Party, both fought for the spot to become the 45th president. Many felt that Donald Trump should not have been chosen to become president due to a stance on equality rights. Donald Trump does not believe in equality for genders and races and he makes it known on twitter. However, individuals presume Hilary Clinton is the better candidate because she has experience in the political field and has a devoted her time in reaching for justice. An editorial cartoonist for the Australian Financial Review, David Rowe, is known for posting his artwork about Republicans who …show more content…

The picture depicts the statue of liberty unexpectedly waking up in fear to Donald Trump saying, “Good Morning America”. The picture gains the audience’s attention to those that are not Trump Supporters. As the audience view this political cartoon, it brings to realization Trump is president. Furthermore, the message that the artist conveys is that voters who voted against Trump are shocked and may fear in the future their rights will be taken from them. A rhetorical analysis reveals that David Rowe effectively uses theme, symbolism, and pathos to also display America is now in danger. Rowe uses rhetorical devices such as the theme to present to the audience that Donald Trump is now president which Americans should now fear. Many people thought Hilary Clinton would win due to her winning the popular vote. Since Donald Trump has more electoral votes, he turned as the winner of the election of 2016. Some people were shocked as they express themselves by ranting on social media or crying. Others were happy because their candidate won. Cartoonist David then posted on twitter the next day of the Statue of Liberty waking up …show more content…

In the picture, there is a man with a big chain that says “T” who represents Donald Trump. On the other side of the bed is the Statue of Liberty who seems frightened. The Bed sheet on top of the Statue of Liberty is the flag of the U.S. The flag falling off the statue represents equal rights for races and genders which may no longer be there since Trump is now president. The plaque on the floor represents Fourth of July that represents the freedom that was gained by the U.S. The cartoonist also adds eyes to the Statue of Liberty to show that she is frightened. The audience can make the assumption that America is now in trouble. However, the torch has no fire. The torch represents enlightenment and the path to freedom. Since the torch is put out, the audience can interpret that there is no more freedom since Donald Trump was elected president. In addition, Trump’s face is exaggerated to an extent that is not appealing to the viewers that can view him as the disgusting person. The article “Is this a Muslim ban? Trump’s executive order explained”, created by Alan Yuhas and Mazin Sidahmed, explains how Trump’s presidency actions have been affecting the U.S. Recently, Trump put out a ban against seven Muslim countries from traveling back to the U.S. Many immigration lawyers and employers had to warn immigrants not to leave the country since Donald Trump is now in office.

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