Rhetorical Analysis Of Steve Jobs

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Steve jobs, the man of billions. Steve shows us at the graduation speech in stanford, that you make something out of nothing by putting dedication into the thing that you love, and inspires us to follow our dream. We first get introduced to “ connecting the dots “ , in steve’s speech he tells us that you can only connect the dots looking backwards, and everything you you stumble on will be priceless in the future. In his second story he tells us that when you find what you love to do, it’s hard not to do it. Steve told the graduates that remembering you’ll be dead soon helped him make big choices. Finally Steve tells us to not waste our time living someone else’s life and live ours, embrace what we love to do. Steve jobs is mainly aiming his speech at young adults and his tone is inspirational by telling us how he had nothing and became something. …show more content…

Steve tells us about his back round and how he became the top from starting at the bottom by explaining his 3 stories. By connecting the dots, somehow everything will end up connecting. Second story about how he had a love ( apple ) and lost it and found pixar, and ended up making billions on both. Third story talks about how we are all going to die and we shouldn’t waste our time living someone else’s life. Steve tells us to embrace what we love to

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