Why Is It Important To Do Great Work

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Steve Jobs - a great technological revolutionary and the person who literally changed the world once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”(Brainyquote.com). Over the years, this quote has inspired many people to follow their heart and achieve success through doing the work they love. However, in order to succeed in the work we want to do, we often have to do the part that is less desirable as well. Yet some would agree that one has to do only the work he or she enjoys doing and never do the work that is not enjoyable. However I strongly believe that in order to accomplish success in studies, relationships, and career it is crucial to do things one does not enjoy doing.
The first argument in favor of doing something that is not enjoyable to do is that it is necessary to succeed at school. Most of the students would agree that there are tasks at school that are not fun but are certainly essential to succeed. Ph.D. Lawrence Turner, professor of the mathematics department and blogger writes that a student who does more than 90% of homework is most likely to finish the course with a grade “A”, but a student who does less that 50% of the assigned homework is most likely to fail the course. Moreover, according to statistics 28% of students in the United States of America do not get their high …show more content…

Because people who say “we should only do what we enjoy doing” miss the fact that sometimes in order to be able to do what we enjoy doing we have to do the less desirable part as well. For example, in order to be healthy and fit, one has to give up an enjoyment of eating super unhealthy tasty food like hamburgers, or cakes. It Is clear that in a barrel of honey fly in the

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