Lack Of Motivation: A Case Study

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Context Motivation is regarded to be an important tool that can be utilized in accomplishing a given task. However, lack of motivation could result in inability to accomplish the task of poor performance. In this regard, it is worth noting that there are various factors that contribute to lack of motivation among individuals. Additionally, while an individual can be motivated at other times, some circumstances can make him or her to lack motivation. This reminds me of the time when we were doing group work that I realized that most of my group members were not motivated to do the assignment. The assignment was given to our group which was consisting of five members during the afternoon.
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According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, there are five broad motivational needs classified into basic needs and growth needs (Kaur, 2013). The basic needs include, esteem, psychological, love and safety. On the other hand, growth needs involve self-actualization. In this regard, Maslow stipulated that individuals are motivated to attain certain needs (Kaur, 2013). These needs are arranged in such a way that the lower needs must be met before the higher ones. In this case, the basic needs should be met first before the growth needs. On this perspective, I can say that the lack of motivation among my group members was due to the inability to meet some basic needs. For instance, my group members could have been hungry because we were carrying out our assignment during lunch time. As such, my colleagues were eager to take their lunch (food) rather than doing the …show more content…

First, it is important for the teachers to establish a system that recognizes students based on their performance. This is because it was established that lack of recognition was among the causes of the motivation problem. Recognizing students will make them to be motivated to work hard. In this case, both extrinsic and intrinsic recognition be used to motivate students. Next, the instructors should emphasize the importance of academic achievement. In so doing, the students will have the need for achievement as the dominant motivating driver and thus will result in the tendency to accomplish assignments. In addition, the both students and teachers should identify the factors that result in dissatisfaction and try to eliminate them while at the same time embracing those that lead to

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