Rhetorical Analysis Of The Pleasures Of Eating

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Rhetorical Analysis Paper

In her article “The Pleasures of Eating” (2009), Wendell Berry suggests how citizens can help the decline of american farming and rural life. Wendell utilizes questions, purpose, and her passionate attitude to aid her explanation. Wendell informs the reader about how eating healthier, knowing about fast food, and what we’re can do to improve our farming, and rural life. Her audience consists of concerned Americans, and those who care to improve America.

In the beginning of her article, Wendell asks the reader a lot of questions to make them think about how much we really know about our food we eat. This makes the reader understand either how much or little they know about the situation people can be in. When we buy food people usually don’t know how fresh something is, if the substance has any dangerous chemicals in it, where the place …show more content…

In her article she tries to make the reader realize how important this is to americans, for it affects our everyday life! She argues that when one thinks about eating something, it's not just eating either, but more of an agricultural act. She also goes in depth about how “pleasure” in eating is far more than just consuming said food. Pleasure in food has a lot of things that affect it, such as growing your own little garden. Growing plants yourself lets you know that you were in charge of growing those fruits or vegetables. Those won’t have additives, any harmful things put in them like chemicals, and ensures that they’re nice and healthy for you. Wendell Berry knows that not everyone can make a mini garden in their yard however, but she has other ways for people to help so they can have pleasure in eating food and be happy. Fast food may be easy and accessible, but it's not good for us, and attacks us in so many ways, that’s why we need to focus on our American farming, to improve our

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