Rhetorical Analysis Of 'The Tribute To Lady Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton'

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The tribute to Lady Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton, written by Jane Galway, was supposed to be a formal text that acknowledged a remarkable woman’s passing. Instead, Galway wrote it as an informal text where she showed her own opinion on Lady Douglas-Hamilton. The first error I noticed in the text was the rhetorical question in the first sentence. Galway wrote, “[…] who died on Jan. 14 at the ripe old age of 103, can you believe it?” As this should be a formal text, Galway should have refrained from referring to another person as she did here. Further down in the first paragraph, Galway wrote, […] a fixture of Manhattan society, whose beauty, like Mona Lisa, drew notice in Vogue Magazine.” This is an irrelevant comparison, which does not have anything

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