Rhetorical Analysis On Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Syrian Refugee Crisis Melissa Fleming is the head of communications for the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees. In a spech she did on TedTalk.com she talks about a 19 year old Syrian refugee named Doah who fled from Egypt with her boyfriend and 500 other refugees. While on their journey across the Mediterranean Sea their boat was attacked and ends up sinking. Doah did everything she could to stay alive while she waited for someone to rescue her and two small children that were given to her by a couple of parents who ended up drowning. Melissa Fleming uses the rhetorical strategies of pathos, logos,and ethos to convey her story of the capsized Syrian refugee boat, but her strength lies mainly in her use of pathos. Flemming does really …show more content…

Fleming uses statistics to describe how dangerous it is for refugees to cross the Mediterranean, Fleming stats, “ By August of that same year over 2000 refugees had already died trying to cross the Mediterranean.” By using this statistic Fleming tries to convey to the audience just how dangerous and deadly it can be for refugees who are trying to flee the war torn country of Syria. And that if they aren't killed by the fighting going on in their own county they are in just as much danger trying to flee their country. Fleming continues to use logos to appeal to her audience by stating that half of Syria's population which as of 2014 was at 22 million has been forced to relocate from their homes or flee the country altogether. Lastly Fleming uses statistics from the day Doah's boat was attacked and capsized to show just how tragic that trip was, Fleming stats, “ Only 11 out of the 500 people onboard that refugee boat survived.” With this statistics it really help to shed light on how desperate the situation is in Syria and how dangerous it is for Syrian refugees trying to flee their

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