Rhetorical Strategies Used By Stewart Essay

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Stewart’s position is that of a lifelong slave. Stewart would rather die than to live her whole life “shaking carpets” or “tending upon gentlemen’s tables”. Her key message is that African Americans should have the same, equal rights as Americans fight for. She wants her audience to fully understand the effects on a lifelong slave. She discusses how the service tears the body away and says “nature herself becomes almost exhausted.” She says a life full of servitude is not worth it. After a while, a slave doesn’t care whether they die, or whether they live. Essay 1A: Essay 1A effectively describes the rhetorical strategies used by Stewart. This author was able to point out how Stewart uses her words to pull emotions from the reader. This author was also able to directly identify the rhetorical strategies Stewart used in her …show more content…

Although lacking examples and supports from Stewart’s writings, Essay 1B has a clear description of the prompt. This author was able to analyze the specific tone Stewart used and also provided adequate analysis of rhetorical strategies used by Stewart. The author’s sense of organization and appropriate analysis added to the author’s score. Essay 1C: The author of Essay 1C discusses the tone of Stewart’s writing but does not adequately respond to the given prompt. The author of this essay gives quotes from Stewart, but fails to analyze those quotes. Also, the author of this essay barely discusses and analyzes any of the rhetorical strategies used by Stewart. This essay just contained unanalyzed quotes that offered no support to the essay. Writer 1A was able to identify and analyze rhetorical strategies, such as diction and oxymorons, used by Stewart. Also, writer 1A used quotes from Stewart’s writings to analyze and discuss such as when she uses the examples of “our souls have caught the flame” and “unprofitable to us as the spider’s web or the floating bubbles that vanish into

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