Rhoad: A Feminist Analysis

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Feminism as a whole has accomplished so much in the past 10 years alone. The word feminist itself doesn’t feel like an expletive anymore. We are making major strides for our generation and generations to come. Yet, some areas are still ignored or glossed over. A major one of those areas is domestic violence against women. The feminist movement should focus on domestic violence against women next because it is far too accepted and excused in today’s society, it’s much more prevalent than we’d like to believe, and as Rhoad points out in the NY Times piece, Congress still doesn’t seem to take it seriously judging by their inability to restore certain acts throughout the years. Every single day in the news, women are seen being beaten to death or nearly to death by either their husbands or their boyfriends. We’ve become numb to it. We may be numb to the woman whose battered face we see on our TV screen, but are we numb to a family member in a similar situation? As discussed in the lecture on 9/3/15, hegemonic masculinity interprets the reasons why men have controlling and superior roles in society while women are seen as pillars of femininity in our society. Perhaps this is why many women let their husbands mercilessly beat them. Women grow up thinking that men are all powerful …show more content…

The act was passed in 1994 by Bill Clinton, who happened to be president at the time. The act purports to help women across the globe in a myriad of different ways, yet faces constant vitriol and attempts to not be renewed from republicans who are conservative. If feminists as a whole put as much energy and effort that they devote to other topics into keeping this act afloat and effective, perhaps many more women would have support they so desperately need. Feminism is opening so many doors and shattering and decimating barriers, yet there are still women who need help that are left behind in the efforts of the fourth

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