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Poetry Analysis “The Writer” Richard Wilbur, the author of the “The Writer”, based this poem in a certain room of his and his daughter’s house. The speaker is a father who is listening to his daughter type on a typewriter and he is thinking about an incident from the past. Two years ago in this same room, something significant happened. Wilbur develops his theme in “The Writer” through the use of figurative language and imagery. In this poem, Wilbur uses different types of figurative language. Figurative language is an expression using different words that is different from the literal meaning. “Like a chain hauled over a gunwale. / drop like a glove” (6/23) these lines are examples of a simile. A simile is the comparison of two or more things using like or as. In the poem Wilbur describes the commotion of the typewriter to be loud. He compares it to a chain being hauled or pulled over the side of a boat. This meaning that the girl was typing fast and loud. The second line is comparing a bird to a glove when it falls. This meaning the bird fell to the ground and lay torpid. “The stuff/ of her life is a great cargo.” (7, 8) This quote from lines seven and eight, are examples of metaphors. A metaphor compares two things without using like or as. This example of figurative language compares the girl’s hardships …show more content…

“The Writer” is very well writer, by Richard Wilbur. The theme is made out of all the different types of figurative language and imagery. The first five stanzas are about the speaker listening to his daughter type and writing a story. He stands and enjoys the sound of her typing. The last six stanzas are about the man thinking of the past, a certain incident both the speaker and his daughter experienced together. Wilbur expresses in this poem that life is hard sometimes but you can escape any situation if you don’t give up on

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