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Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey circus have stated that elephants will not be transported across country anymore, and in 2018 all elephant performances will be put to an end. For a long time circuses have been accused of abusing the elephants and forcing them to perform. A lot of people are glad that Ringling Bros is retiring their elephants but, many other people think all circuses that use elephants should put an end to the performances.

Elephants are abused by cruel tools. June 25, 2007, a video surfaces on the web and goes viral. That video depicts the backstage of Ringling Bros. Circus before the elephants go out to perform. That 's not all it depicts, as stated on http://www.wildlifeadvocacy.org, the trainers are using “bullhooks”
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The elephants are side by side in a tight space, unfit for that many large animals. A famous case of train transportation of elephants is Jumbo the elephant’s death. On September 15, 1885, in the railroads of Ontario, Canada, a train struck Tom Thumb (an elephant) and Jumbo the elephant. Tom Thumb survived, but Jumbo did not. This shows it is dangerous to transport these animals. Many deaths of elephants occur in the circuses. Ringling Bros. was charged with violations of the Animal Welfare Act after the circus forced Kenny, a three year old elephant, to perform even thought the animal was obviously sick. A veterinarian checking on the elephants that same day said he “should remain in the barn,” an hour after Kenny’s last performance, he passed away. Circus owners care about fame and fortune, not about the health of the…show more content…
Sue, an elephant, died after a reaction to a tranquilizer. October 12, 2012, a truck carrying four elephants ran off the highway, one elephant suffered injuries, that truck was going to the Cole Brothers Circus of Stars. On August 5, 2004, an eight month old elephant named Ricardio was being trained to get up on a tub, and then fell off and broke his legs. Ricardio had to be euthanized. Another incident happened on August 11, 2005, an eleven day old elephant named Bertha died in surgery at the hands of Ringling Bros., the circus tried to cover up the death and birth but failed due to animal rights activists. July 26. 2006, a four year old elephant named Benjamin was swimming in a pond on a “break” and didn’t obey when he was called to get out, instead he swam the other direction. The trainer then jumped into the pond with a bullhook and swam after Benjamin, the elephant had a heart attack and died. According to an official USDA Report, the trainer’s use of the bull hook “created behavioral stress and trauma which precipitated in the physical harm and ultimate death of the animal.” Bullhooks, poor conditions, endless performance, and premature deaths are all things that go on under the big top. Animal rights activists fight for the world to know that circuses abuse the animals into submission. I stated earlier that people want all elephant performances should end, and based on the information

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