Rise Of The Flappers In The 1920's

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“Like all other women I thought that there couldn’t be much improvement in the same old task of washing dishes.” This quote by Christine Frederick in 1912 speaks so much truth about the way women lived before the 1920s. Many women had believed that they were sought out to stay at home and be the regular housewife that the American people portrayed them to be. None of them probably believed that they would soon get the privilege to vote, have a job, or to even dress a little less modestly. They would soon come to the realization that their way of life would be changed when the 1920s came rushing in. It is thought that the new freedoms given to women in the 20s helped in their rise of new fashions and in the initial shock of their newfound power …show more content…

Some believed that the flapper was a reflection of the new woman. Flappers were women who would dress a bit provocatively and were know to party frequently. In some senses, they were portrayed as a new kind of feminist because they would assert their social, professional, and sexual independence from men in an aggressive manner (DiPaolo). Many may begin to wonder what caused this new type of woman to be reflected onto the American people. The rise of the flapper was an effect of many different aspects, including: World War I, women pushed into the workforce, changes in morals, prohibition, technology advances, and even jazz. Some of the American citizens were very quick to judge flappers, but in reality they were only indulging in fun activities that American men had been involved with for ages (DiPaolo). Even though the flapper was a very popular icon for the women in the 20s, most of the time the average woman couldn’t afford to dress and act in the ways that flappers did. The lifestyle was far too expensive and took up most of one’s free time. However, the fashion didn’t go unnoticed and was eventually integrated into clothing that could be purchased at all income levels (“Women in the 1920s”). The rise of the flapper blew up and made quite the

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