Robot Case Study

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Problem summary and Introduction
1.1 Problem summary:
This robot will be helpful for spying and object detect & shooting purpose in war fields. In today’s age, a large number of robots are placed in many areas replacing manpower in severe or dangerous workplaces. Mainly, we can solve the problem is that protect people.

A robot is an automatic machine that performs various complex tasks. As per requirement we can detect the object & also shoot them.
1.2 Introduction:
The robotic industry is one of such invention that will evolve parallel to us because somewhere we view them as our descendants. Every day we see new products in the market with new innovation, better efficiency and accuracy. The trend of robotics has affected every phase of our life. The information that the robot process or generate can be sent in a wired fashion or though wireless communication. To process the data a processing unit is required, generally a microprocessor perform this task. The data can be an image or video as well. Then image processing comes into the picture. A robot must have a vision system to capture the images or videos in the vicinity. Then they can be sent to the microprocessor for processing and some information can be extracted out of them. The eye for a Robot is its sensors to understand the circumstances. There are several types of sensors like IR proximity sensor or sharp IR which can be used depends on their requirements, instead of those, Cameras are now being widely used due
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