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ACRONYMS This list shows all acronyms and abbreviations used in this report. FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ISIS: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham US: United States of America UNDP: United Nations Development Programme IPC: International Poverty Centre IFAD: International Fund for Agricultural Development MoA: Ministry of Agriculture MoI: Ministry of Industry PPP: Public Private Partnerships INTRODUCTION This section will be introducing the thesis which is about “The role and modalities of international organizations such as FAO for the development of Agribusiness in Lebanon and Iraq”. The…show more content…
When we talk about agribusiness we will be looking into details in its value chain since most of agricultural lands are turned into business as it is a considerable source of income. Agribusiness represents the joint business activities that are done from farm to fork. It covers the supply of agricultural inputs, the production and transformation of agricultural products and their distribution to final consumers. Agribusiness is one of the main generators of employment and income worldwide. Agribusiness is characterized by raw materials that are mostly perishable, variable in quality and not regularly available (FAO, 2014). Consequently one should analyse and take into consideration the agricultural sector as the backbone of agriculture that is turned into trade and business. This agribusiness sector is thus highlighted by an important proportion of small holder farmers such as dairy business farmers whom need help to…show more content…
However we can still identify areas and regions of potential such as Erbil in Iraq which is a new venue for foreign investors. Indeed, FAO could discuss strategies and ways of collaboration with the private sector or action plan to lead to the development of agribusiness in these developing countries, by helping the small holding farmers in the rural areas, and the SME’s. As an international organization which main goals are to eradicate hunger and poverty, FAO thinks that promoting this sector could help in reducing rural poverty and hunger as the agribusiness is largely composed of small holders, farmers, and SMEs. This could be done by the 6 areas of work and engagement FAO has enabled to partner with other sectors: Knowledge management and dissemination, Norms and standards setting, Mobilization of resources, Development and technical programmes, Policy Dialogue, and Advocacy and

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