Role Of Globalization In The International System

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Globalization’s role in promoting conflict in the international system Globalization is not a pattern and it is not a trend. My perspective is that globalization the incorporation of business sectors, fund, and technological advancement is contracting the world from a size vast to a size medium, and from a size medium to a little. It is empowering each of us to stretch far and wide more distant, faster, more profound, and less expensive than before. In my perspective, this thing called globalization is really the universal or international system that supplanted the Cold War system. This globalization system has its own guidelines, rationale, incentives, and motivations that will and do influence every organization, every nation, and every group, either straight forwardly or in a indirect way. According to my perspective globalization does not promote conflict in the international system because globalization is making the world less competitive and diminishing conflicts, it makes nations more interconnected, particularly through trade. Presently the decentralized strategy for generation and lower transportation costs all around the globe implies that a solitary decent can have segments that were delivered among a nations around the globe. A phone could have parts that were made in China, Malaysia, and India etc. Also, new markets are opening up always making worldwide organizations enter in more zones of the world. In light of this trap of organizations and lines of

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