Roles Of Women In The 1930s Essay

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The change for women during the late 1930s through to the end of WWII Within this Encyclopedia article it will be discussing about how women’s roles and rights changed through the late 1930s to when World War II ended. With women during the late 1930s they began to contribute more to the economy due to how it would mean for a bit more income to support their families. Thus, when more years passed on by more women thought they should have the same amount of equal rights just as the men did. So they would then create movements and protest. Even some women believed that African-American women deserved the exact same rights as the men and white women so they took did protest and movements of their own. This was to show a message to the country, more specifically the …show more content…

One major one during the later years in the 1930s was giving women the right to vote just as men were given that opportunity. Then as World War II approached men were sent off to fight in the war so women took most of their jobs and contribute that way. They also contributed by taking part within the armed forces as well, which numerous people believed that women were not meant for these type of services, but various women proved these believers incorrect once out in the battle field. Thus, when the war had concluded, women were laid off to continue being how they once were housewives, but greater amounts of women wanted to stay and continue working. Both the eBook called Women’s rights and with the textbook which bring up how women would help with the economy during the late 1930s. As well as the eBook Women and slavery and “African American Women and the Civil Rights Movement” discuss how women both white and African American were fighting to earn an equal amount of rights as each other as well as the same rights as the men. Finally, as for Khan Academy and American Women take flight talk about how women

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