Ronald Reagan Character Analysis

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There are many men that have lived through the ages that can be used as people to mirror our character off of. Two people that i consider men of great character are Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and Ronald Reagan, who have both lived admirable lives; but sadly I must chose from only one of them. For me, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain shows promise as a mentor. He has multiple characteristics that are important for Servite men to have.
From a young age, Chamberlain was well educated. Born into an upper middle class family, he went to a military academy for his primary education. After graduating from the academy, he attended Bowdoin College. Completing all his courses and graduating he then became a professor of rhetoric and later an “instructor …show more content…

Sure, when one reads about Operation Praying mantis you might think that he ordered the act out of hate, but what some don't realize iran used the thing Praying Mantis destroyed to oppress and bring terror to others. So in the act of violence Reagan helped free people from an operation. Another example of his actions helping others is his speech directed to Gorbachev. His speech helped start the end of the tyrannical Russian rule of west berlin. Even when he was personally attacked by an assassin.Reagan, even though he was shot and went into intensive surgery, he later forgave his would be the assassin and aren't we all called to forgive not seven but 77 times, meaning we should forgive everybody as many times necessary. Among other things, Reagan being president didn't help his image but rather opened him up to ridicule and harassment and as we know he even almost lost his life for the job, so why then did he do it. I think hge did it to bring back the american dream to help people remember and realize what it means to be in a countrywide unity that frowards everyone equally. AS men of servite we are called to help others through our unity and fraternity, and as a part of the fraternity at Servite, we forgive people all the time so that we can hold nothing against them, so it is easy to guide each other to our final goal with

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