Ronald Reagan's Accomplishments

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“When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” -Ronald Reagan. This quote shows the fierce and persistent qualities of America’s 40th President, Ronald Wilson Reagan. Loved by many Americans throughout his two terms as president, Reagan worked tirelessly to end the dreaded Cold War, get rid of unemployment throughout America, and to eradicate Communism from the world. “He was also the only actor to become president, and his acting skills, appealing personal style, and speaking talents earned him the title "The Great Communicator.".” (Schaaf). At the time some found it difficult to believe that an actor was able to rise up into the Presidency, but he is now remembered by many as one of the greatest presidents the United …show more content…

“With the coming of the Depression, Jack Reagan lost, first, his partnership in a shoe store he had opened with borrowed money and then, on Christmas Eve 1931, his job as a traveling salesman. Without his father's knowledge, Ronald tided the family over financially from his own frugal pocket until his mother found work as a seamstress in a dress shop and his father took on odd jobs.” (Bio Ref Bank). Having to go through these terrible times for the American Economy, Reagan would not forget the upmost importance of keeping the Economy in a good state even if he had to work non stop to do so. The time period also pushed Reagan to idolize President Roosevelt who had been in office at the time and effected Reagan’s political views and speaking abilities. An example of the new views of Reagan’s about the economy is shown in how during the 1980 primaries, “Reagan and Bush promised significant tax cuts, increased defense spending, a balanced budget…” (Schaaf). Without having gone through the events of the Great Depression, Reagan likely would not of had the same views of the importance of the American Economy which could have prevented him from succeeding in his political career for years to

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