Rosa Parks Research Paper

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Eric Mellander
Ms. Dyer
Rosa Parks
30 October 201
Rosa Parks:
The Civil Rights Movement was a hard battle fought by African Americans in order to gain equality to white people. Many individuals left their comfort zone and became leaders in this battle of segregation of the races. One of these individuals was the well-known Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was a non violent protester who grew up in a segregated world who decided to make a change for the good of the world, she got recognized and is now known as the “Mother of the civil rights”
Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was conceived in a segregated world on February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama (Her Heritage). Growing up on a farm, Rosa Parks was the daughter of a carpenter and a teacher (American Social Leaders). At the early age of 19, Rosa Parks married a barber by the name of Raymond Parks (American Social Leaders). A few years later Rosa was forced to abandon High School to care for her deathly sick mother (Research). Although Raymond, her …show more content…

She was then demanded by the bus driver to give up her seat to a white man (Her Heritage).The other three colored people on the bus moved but Rosa had been pushed around enough and refused to give up her seat (Research). She was arrested and charged ten dollars to comply with the city’s racial segregation ordinances (Her Heritage). A single day boycott had been put up on the drawing board by civil rights activists, and now Rosa Parks, who was a well respected and religious person of strong character was a great person to hold it (American Social Leaders). On November 11th, the U.S Supreme Court declared bus segregation unconstitutional (American Social Leaders). That is when Rosa Parks became known as the “mother of the civil rights movement” after she had a successful campaign (Her

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