Roswell Unknown Myth

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Are we the only planet that has living creatures, Humans, and other sources of life forms? Can it be true that there are other life forms in our galaxy? Life forms such as Aliens or Martians. Many witnesses and even some of the people who have heard or seen about the Roswell all have this same question in mind. The only problem with finding out the truth is that the truth is hidden away and kept a secret by the government. It will be very difficult for anybody to uncover the actual truth therefore Aliens, flying saucers, and such still remains a mystery as to existing. One morning, in the summer of 1947 somewhere around independence holiday near Roswell, New Mexico a farmer named Mac Brazel woke up and went to tend his herd of sheep. When reaching the herd he found a strange, unknown, and unusual object in his flock of sheep. The object contained a mixture of numerous materials. The materials looked like tape, metal, and plastic that were all pressed together. Brazel, not knowing what the object was; called the Roswell Sheriff’s Department and gave the object to a Roswell Sheriff. The Roswell sheriff wasn’t sure what sort of object it what so he turned the object into the Roswell Air Force Base. A few days after the Roswell Air Force Base received the object they started to pilot test. Pilot testing is usually a test where dummies are used to test airplanes, jets, planes and other sorts of …show more content…

According to the Pro-UFO community they say that there were dozens or maybe even hundreds of witnesses. In the Pro-UFO book both authors Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt state that Bill Moore a coauthor of the Roswell incident, interviewed over seventy witnesses. Believing that the Roswell incident had over seventy witnesses they came to find out that the incident had only 25 witnesses and only seven of them claim to have seen flying saucer debris. Out of the seven people only five admit that they dealt with unnatural

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