Roy Hobbs In The Natural

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In The Natural, Roy Hobbs was a supremely talented athlete who wanted to become the best baseball player ever and break every record. During his quest, he had faced different obstacles and temptations in the world. He was unable to overcome which led to his failure. The Natural reflects of America’s value as Roy Hobbs is representing the typical American people who value heavily on wealth, women, identity and success. Money is the root of the corrupted society. Every character in the novel corrupted by the money. Roy Hobbs, an innocent and naïve boy who came from a small town to the corrupted big world. He wanted to become the best player ever, but during his quest, he faced different temptations in the society as his test. At the beginning, …show more content…

Roy was a great baseball player at the beginning, but later on, he distracted by his uncontrollable desire for women. He met Harriet Bird, Memo Paris and Iris Lemon. Harriet and Memo were a bad influence for Roy. They didn’t care about Roy at all. All they wanted was to use him to meet their own goal. However, Roy couldn’t see the truth about it and eventually his lust for Memo led him to his downfall. On the other hand, Iris was a good influence for Roy. She concerned about Roy and she wanted him to understand his value. She simply liked Roy and tried to help Roy to become a better man. Unfortunately, Roy couldn’t see the nice characteristic of Iris and her unselfish love. When Iris told him that he was going to be a father, he finally cleared his mind from Memo and tried to become a better person for his future child. These three women played a great role in Roy’s life. They were the key to Roy of becoming a mature adult. Meanwhile, they were the temptations that distracted Roy to become a better …show more content…

From the beginning until the end of the novel, Roy attempted to be successful in baseball and in a love relationship. Both of them failed because he was aimlessly chasing his goal. In Roy’s viewpoint of succeeding was to break all the records in the baseball game and to get Memo. His view toward successful was false from the beginning, which led him to make wrong decisions and ruined up his life. On the other hand, the seeking of succeeding gave him a great motivation to do better and gain more experiences in life. During the way to his destination, he had experienced sex, money, and happiness. Although he had failed to meet his goal, but at least for a time he was one of the greatest baseball players in the game. Finally, in the end, Roy saw the value and identity of himself, but it was too

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