Rubion Rhetorical Analysis

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Rubio in New Hampshire

With Iowa and New Hampshire voting draw near, Florida Senator Marco Rubio is focusing his message on being the only candidate running who can relate to everyday people.

“It is not enough to simply nominate someone who is upset and angry about the direction of our country,” Rubio said adding it is not enough just to tap into the anger and frustration like the current front-runners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are doing in the campaign trail. Without mentioning his rivals Trump or Cruz, Rubio pointed out that voters cannot just “elect any Republican.”

Making several stops across New Hampshire on Friday, Rubio shared his plan for a New American Century in his last stop in Merrimack, NH, before he takes off to Iowa for the last week making numerous campaign stops as well as partaking in the last debate before the Iowa caucus
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Army veteran who endorsed the Florida Senator recently. After the event, Ager told PolitiChicks his reason to why he endorsed Rubio than his rivals. “Rubio is the only candidate who can work with everyone to get things done without sacrificing his principles,” Ager said. “His message resonates with me and I feel he can pull the country together as oppose to the others.” When ask what how does he feel about the controversial “Gang of Eight” bill Rubio once sponsored, Ager responded how the issue of immigration once ignored has now become a crisis. “Rubio was truing to reach out to the other side to work out the issue in a good faith effort to create a solution but it didn’t work and now we have a…show more content…
Rubio has defended his position arguing he rejected the bill once it became clear it would not gain the support from his fellow

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