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Chief element of Chipotle's strategy One of the main chief elements is that they have high quality food while still having low prices to satisfy their customers. As described in chapter 4 in the book, Chipotle is using a resource-based strategy to really "deliver value to customers in ways rivals find it difficult to match". Another one of the chief elements of Chipotle's strategy is that they use high quality ingredients. It is very important that Chipotle continues to use these natural/organic ingredients to have that upper hand against other competitors. Even though organic ingredients cost a lot more than regular ingredients, using them will always make Chipotle really stand out especially when/if they begin to advertise how much healthier …show more content…

Strengths: Chipotle uses many organic, natural, and fresh ingredients throughout their menu. This is a strength because many more people are checking the nutrition value of their food before consuming it and seeing this would satisfy the costumer because they know they are getting, not only a good tasting meal, but a meal that is also good for them. This is very good for Chipotle's business because, as described in chapter 5, they are using a best-cost provider strategy since they are using high quality ingredients while still keeping their low prices. Although the strengths don't stop there; Chipotle has spent a great amount of money trying to promote themselves and really get out there. All the money they spent doing so really paid off since they are very well known since …show more content…

There are many larger businesses such as McDonalds offer an entire breakfast menu which gives McDonalds the upper hand. Providing a breakfast menu at Chipotle would really be a very great opportunity to take. Another opportunity Chipotle could possibly take would be to really advertise how much healthier they are than other fast food businesses. Since Chipotle already uses organic and natural ingredients, they should go out and let everyone know which will really help them since now-a-days people are looking at the nutritional value a lot more. Threats: One of the threats that Chipotle faces is that organic and natural ingredients that they use are expensive to be using at all times when on a specific budget. By getting the 'higher quality' ingredients, Chipotle is at a threat at possible low supply of these organic ingredients since planting and growing crops and animals takes time without using modified

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