Safe Medication Administration Research Paper

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Principles for safe medication administration: • All medications must be administered according to a physician’s orders. • The medication orders must be clear, legible and not open. • The same person should select, prepare, administer and record the administration. • Doses must be prepared for only one patient at a time, immediately before the intended use • Medications should be prepared for immediate administration to a single patient and not retained for later use due to the risks of contamination, potential instability, potential mix-up with other medications and to maintain security of the medication • All medications must be stored in patient care areas in the same container as received from pharmacy. • All RNs and ENs without notation must successfully complete the Medication Assessment Paper prior to administering medications. •…show more content…
If the nurse is interrupted during the distribution of medications, the trolley must be locked and the key taken with the nurse. • If a medication is not given, this is to be noted on the medication chart and also in the clinical progress notes including the reason why it was not given. • Always remain with the patient until such time the medication has been administered. • Always check name, strength of the medication, expiry date on the ampule or bottle. If details are not legible, return to Pharmacy. • Infection control, hand hygiene and workplace health and safety policies must be followed. • Aseptic technique must be followed in preparation and administration of

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