Salamo Arouch Research Paper

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How long could you survive in the ring or any place for that matter? One man fought for two years and his name was Salamo Arouch. He was a Jewish boxer from Thessaloniki, Greece that lived through the era of the Holocaust. This man had to box for his life everyday while in the concentration camp of Auschwitz. His hard times in the camp influenced a director to make a movie on his story. With his family dead and with nothing to lose, this Jewish boxer fights for his life in the ring. Salamo Arouch was young when he started to grow a name for himself. He was 14 when he had his first match and he knocked his opponent down two times to get a technical knockout. Ever since his first match Salamo Arouch boxed anytime he could, he claims that he fought 208 fights. If…show more content…
In order to make the movie better Salamo Arouch chose to go back to that concentration camp to better advise the director. When the movie hit the big screen his former friend sued Salamo Arouch for more than 20 million dollars. He claimed that the movie was based on his story and that they had stolen it. This man was also a boxer during the Holocaust and at one time was Salamo Arouch’s friend. He was only able to get 30 thousand dollars out of the lawsuit. Although, the movie turned out great the lawsuit didn’t end so well for Salamo Arouch’s plaintiff. The fact that Salamo Arouch could have survived the holocaust, have a movie made about him, and have fought for over 208 fights is extraordinary. This man has left a mark in the history books. Hopefully more people will see that mark and notice his importance. Imagine the Roman colosseum fights happening not but 60 years ago. Salamo Arouch not only imagined it but fought through it. Ultimately, this man is strong not only physically but emotionally and people should show more perseverance as Salamo Arouch
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