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Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali born Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali y Domenech, is Spanish artist and Surrealist. Dali was born in Catalonia, a region in Spain on the 11th of May 1904. From a young age Dali excelled in drawing and painting. He later went on to study in the school of arts in Madrid, Spain. Dali would later become a leading icon in the Surrealist movement, which is what originally drew me to him as an artist. Dali was influenced by artists such as Diego Velasquez …show more content…

Much of his fame came from his unusual personality, his eccentric ways kept him and his work in the limelight. Though critics may have had mixed reviews on his work, nevertheless it was still talked about within the art world. Dali was also highly influenced by psychology, especially Sigmund Freud, this is very clear in much of his artwork. Dali was an extremely confidant men. In reading a little about his life I could see where one would think he may have been somewhat arrogant or full of himself. But that was just what made him who he is today, he was not always portrayed in the best of lights either, however Dali never cared much for what others had to …show more content…

We are fortunate to have a museum of a collection of much of Dali’s work right in our home state. The Salvador Dali Museum, is an art museum dedicated to Dali himself. It is located in downtown St Petersburg, Fl. The original collection featured in this museum started off in Ohio, but the owner wanted a larger location. An old building along the marina in St. Petersburg was redone into the building that stands now. (web3) The museum opened March 7th 1982, 7 years later Dali would pass away at the age of 84. I would love to go and visit someday especially since I am so close by to the museum. I feel like seeing an artist work through pictures or online has no comparison to seeing it

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