Scalp Expansion Lab Report

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Scalp Expansion Scalp expansion is an advanced form of scalp reduction and can be used in conjunction with scalp flaps. A balloon can be used to stretch the scalp just as large earrings can stretch earlobes and a growing fetus can stretch a woman’s abdomen. This amazing ability of soft tissue to respond to pressure makes it possible to generate extra skin with hair to replace bald areas of scalp. A tissue expander in the form of a silicone-walled, inflatable balloon is surgically placed beneath hair-bearing scalp. This balloon device is attached to a valve located immediately beneath the skin. In the clinic, a needle is periodically inserted into this valve and salt water (saline solution) is injected into the tissue expander. The tissue expander …show more content…

Decisions regarding methods of hair replacement are clearly personal. Such a decision however, will require a significant amount of research, including consultation with both cosmetology professionals who are knowledgeable about hair replacement systems and skilled physicians who are familiar with all the techniques of surgical hair grafting and scalp reduction and transplantation. If a patient has chosen a surgical solution, it is important to find an experienced surgeon who is competent in all areas of surgical hair replacement. The surgical procedure recommended should represent the best solution to the problem. It should not be proposed merely because it is the procedure with which a particular doctor is most comfortable. Costs are highly variable around the country for the various procedures. Full consultation should include a discussion of fees and expenses to be charged by the doctor and the facility, healing time and work time to be lost, and an honest discussion of potential risks and complications. This consultation should also make projections of the patient’s future appearance: The doctor and patient must reach an understanding of a realistic, optimal cosmetic appearance and the amount of time it will take before the anticipated result is

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