Eyebrow Research Paper

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Eyebrow transplantation
Eyebrow transplantation involves extracting hair from the scalp or elsewhere on the body the implanting it in the eyebrow to replace lost hair. This is simply the best way you can choose to restore thinning or lost eyebrow hair. Eyebrow transplantation is the solution for any kind of eyebrow hair loss no matter the cause. Hair can even be restored to scarred eyebrows.
Moreover, this procedure is a long-term treatment option that actively solves the problem without resorting to stop-gap measures like use of make-up or constant application of medication. The hair that is implanted grows normally and will even regrow just like native eyebrow hair if shed off. It is also a simple, minimally-invasive procedure that is performed
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Hair in the scalp grows in follicular units which contain 1-4 hair strands. On the other hand, eyebrows have hair that grows solely as individual hair strands. The harvested follicular units from the donor site therefore have to be prepared before being implanted in to the eyebrows. They are divided into single hair grafts by a specialised team using a high-powered microscope.
The number of grafts prepared depends on the degree of eyebrow hair loss and the natural hair density. For restoration of partial eyebrow hair loss that may be due to a scar, as little as 50-100 hair grafts may be needed. However, the restoration of a full eyebrow may require as much as 400-600 hair grafts to ensure an acceptable outcome. Each of these hair grafts will then be implanted into the recipient sites determined by the surgeon. These recipient sites should be marked in accordance to the aesthetic described by the patient and be made as natural-looking as
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Bleeding, scarring and infection are very rare. With the use of FUE, there’s practically no scarring to speak of. Infection is easily prevented by administration of antibiotics after the procedure.
Suboptimal results constitute most of the risk associated with eyebrow transplantation. A poor angle of implantation by the surgeon will cause the eyebrow hair to grow in wrong directions and cause an unnatural appearance. The hair grafts could also be damaged during the procedure or fall off due to poor implantation at the recipient site. There may also be some ingrown hairs or mismatch of hair colour and texture. Such risks may ruin the outcome of a procedure and necessitate corrective measures that could cost more money. A sure-fire way of avoiding such risks is by selecting a qualified surgeon to perform the eyebrow transplant.
Eyebrow transplant cost
The time and level of expertise required to perform a successful eyebrow transplant means that it can be very expensive. This remains true even though the number of hair grafts used is small compared to normal hair transplants. The number of hair grafts transplanted during the course of the procedure is typically the main determinant of the cost. The cost of the procedure may range from €3,000 to €8,000 but this price may change depending on the
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