Value Of Reconstructive Surgery

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Reconstructive surgery can be a difficult and rather awkward subject for individuals to discuss. Reconstructive surgery offers assistance to those struggling with impaired body structures and movement as a result of an accident or even a simple birth abnormality. Through means of reconstructive surgery patients are able to leave with improved movement and a more normalized appearance. Reconstructive surgery is offered as elective and non-elective which determines whether the surgery is performed for aesthetics (“Plastic Surgery” para 1-2). In recent years, reconstructive surgery has received a negative reputation due to motives of improved appearance. Plans to make reconstructive surgery more inaccessible has been proposed on the U.S. Health…show more content…
Insurance companies label most reconstructive surgery as cosmetic and not vital in order to live. Therefore, insurance companies have the right to deny surgery coverage to individuals requesting coverage for reconstructive procedures. Yet, reconstructive surgery is vital in order to maintain better physical well-being, but also positive mental health. In an article discussing the value of reconstructive surgery and importance of recognition from insurance companies, Abbie Paige discusses her belief that transitioning from male to female allowed her to live a healthier life. Transitioning not only allowed her to feel safer in public areas, but it also ensured strong mental health (Ellin para 1-4). Her belief shows the importance of reconstructive surgery and the lifelong positive impacts reconstructive procedures leave on an individual. Although insurance companies look at reconstructive procedures as a cosmetic decision, reconstructive surgeries are also able to vastly improve the overall well-being of an individual lasting their whole life. By improving more functionality and a healthier mindset, reconstructive surgery produces the same results as procedures considered non-elective. Later in the article, Ellin discusses the difficulties transgender people have to go through, in regards to insurance companies, in order…show more content…
Reconstructive surgery can be performed on the human face and throughout the entire body. Through reconstructive surgery,individuals are able to repair deformities or birth defects in order to obtain a more normalized appearance. Throughout years of practice, surgeons have been able to develop new, improved surgical methods in order to perform procedures at a higher complexity with a higher success rate. New techniques allow more difficult surgeries to be safer than in the past. Individuals suffering from deformities and birth defects are able to look towards reconstructive surgery in order to improve functionality of different body parts. Individuals receive a better physical, normalized appearance after surgery with improved function in their body. Despite improved functionality, insurance companies deny coverage of most reconstructive surgery due to the stigma that all procedures are for cosmetic reasoning. Appraisers believe reconstructive surgery is an excuse to slow down the natural process of ageing, and therefore want patients to pay a tax added on all reconstructive procedures. By including a tax on procedures, reconstructive procedures would become more inaccessible to individuals needing it. Although reconstructive surgery does improve physical appearance, it also allows individuals to have more efficient body function throughout day to day tasks.

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