Persuasive Essay On Reconstructive Surgery

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Reconstructive surgery can be a difficult and rather awkward subject for individuals to discuss. Reconstructive surgery offers assistance to those struggling with impaired body structures and movement as a result of an accident or even a simple birth abnormality. Through means of reconstructive surgery patients are able to leave with improved movement and a more normalized appearance. Reconstructive surgery is offered as elective and non-elective which determines whether the surgery is performed for aesthetics (“Plastic Surgery” para 1-2). In recent years, reconstructive surgery has received a negative reputation due to motives of improved appearance. Plans to make reconstructive surgery more inaccessible has been proposed on the U.S. Health Care Bill. In the 2010 Health Care Bill, appraisers of reconstructive surgery include a five-percent tax on all reconstructive procedures, but it was later dismissed (Deutsch para 1). Appraisers believe an added tax will disencourage patients to undergo surgery. Yet, reconstructive surgery has proven to be very effective in helping others treat and repair abnormalities such as birth defects, damaged features, and much more. Reconstructive surgery allows improved function of the certain body parts for affected individuals. Although appraisers look at reconstructive surgery as an elective choice, it proves to be non-elective in helping individuals better function throughout day to day lives. Reconstructive surgery improves functionality

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