School Choice Vs School Segregation Essay

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A. RQ: what is the relationship between school choice and segregation. 1. Data has shown that there is a significant relation of these two phenomenon.
B. Thesis: school gives the opportunity and motivation for segregation by way of race, language, etc.

---Lit. Summary:
A. Facts: that don’t support me Patterns of re-segregation were “not a charter phenomenon” because “the geographic placement of charter schools practically ensures that they will enroll higher percentages of minorities” and “because serving disadvantaged populations is the stated mission of many charter schools, they seek out locations near disadvantaged populations intentionally.” School choice promoters also posit that vouchers will spur competition between public and private campuses, make schools more responsive to families and students, increase student achievement and improve effectiveness of all schools (Chubb & Moe, 1990; Friedman, 1962; Gallego, 2002; Gallego, 2004; Peterson, 2009; Sapelli & Vial, 2002). In addition, some researchers (e.g. Ladner & Brouillette, 2000) have pointed out that vouchers will prompt competition between school districts, and between districts and private schools, that will improve district effectiveness. So the conclusion by conservative advocates who generally back charter schools is that …show more content…

One of the most significant contributions to segregation in schools is housing. English Language Learners, who are often Latina/o, are increasingly residentially isolated in urban and, increasingly, suburban neighborhoods. As Gandara and Contreras (2009) observed, Housing segregation has particularly onerous effects on Latina/o students learning English. When they lack appropriate language models and people to interact with in English, their knowledge of academic English is delayed. This lack of opportunity when students residing in linguistically isolated neighborhoods is tremendous when they attend schools isolated by race/ethnicity, poverty, and language as

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