Seahorse Research Paper

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Horses of the Sea

Seahorses are one of the most unusual fish in the sea. There are over 70 species of Seahorse and most live in tropical waters. They are found in coral reefs, in tree roots, or hiding in aquatic plants like seaweed. This fish has a most unusual shape which makes it hard to swim. They propel themselves forward using a small fin on their back. They tirelessly flap this fin 35 times a second, rather like hummingbirds flap their wings. They use their long tail to cling to plants in the ocean, so the current doesn’t blow them away. Since seahorses have no stomach, they have to eat constantly. Generally, they feed on crustaceans, plankton, or shrimp. Oddly, seahorses have thin skin that covers their bones, instead of scales like

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