Second Impact Syndrome Research Paper

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I am doing The Second Impact Syndrome it was when the brain swells rapidly and catastrophically, after a person suffers a second concussion before symptoms of an earlier one have subsided. This injury only happens in football. Second impact may be relatively minimal and not involve contact with the cranium. Impact disrupts the brain’s blood autoregulatory system, leading to swelling, increasing intracranial pressure. This second blow may occur minutes, days or weeks after an initial concussion,and even the mildest grade of concussion can lead to SIS. The condition is often fatal, and almost everyone who is not killed is severely disabled. The cause of SIS is uncertain,but it is thought that the brain's arterioles lose their ability to regulate …show more content…

Some of the signs of injury are: Often an athlete does not LOC and may look stunned. Within 15 seconds to several minutes of injury athlete’s condition degrades rapidly.Dilated pupils, loss of eye movement, LOC is leading to coma, and respiratory failure. The Risks of Second-impact syndrome shares all the risk factors of concussion; that is, those who are at increased risk for concussion are also at higher risk for SIS. Thus, people who participate in sports such as boxing, soccer, American football, baseball, rugby, basketball, ice hockey, pro wrestling, and skiing (especially Alpine) are at increased risk. The condition most commonly occurs in American football. Some Prevention of Second-impact syndrome is: Athletes are also discouraged from returning to play until after they have been evaluated and approved for resuming the sport by a healthcare provider skilled in evaluating concussion. Thus athletic trainers may prohibit return to play for any athlete who has suffered a concussion, regardless of the speed with which the symptoms reportedly

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