What Are The Common Feelings In The Secret Annex

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Hunger, deprivation, and loss of freedom from the outside world were all common feelings in the Secret Annex. For months mental and physical illness could be felt deeply. There was no time for leisure or having a childhood with fear of the fear of the Nazis coming to take either the Frank or Van Daan family. Nor talking, walking, or even using the toilet were permitted. Every day in the Annex was a bore for Anne since she was no longer able to express herself. The time between 1942 and 1944 made everyone question what lay ahead for them in the path of life. Deprivation was also a mutual feeling between the eight lives in the Annex. Whenever Mr. Dussel joined the hiding place the supplier of food, Miep, had to decrease the amount of meals that she had been purchasing. This was due to the fact Miep could not leave the gestapo even a little bit suspicious as to why she had more than enough food for one …show more content…

Everyday objects and functions that humans in the modern age take for granted, were not available to the Franks. An example of this would be not being able to go to the bathroom whenever you please. Losing the dignity of using the w.c. in the secret Annex is shown on page 286. Not being able to talk or walk in the Annex was strictly prohibited as well. This was due to the fact that Mr. Frank was afraid of anyone in the building hearing the footsteps and getting suspicious. Being unable to walk, as shown on page 286 as well, limited Anne in her creative abilities and aspirations. Concluding, something that everyone takes for granted that Anne in particular longed to do, was to have a breath of fresh air. At first, Anne did not realize how hard of a task that this would have been, but quickly became more prone to losing things she had loved during the time of the Holocaust. The eight lives and their loss of freedom was another aspect of what living in the Annex was

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