Sectional Party System Essay

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After the elections of 1860s the Whigs party was left behind, and a new party was created to make a positive impact for the future. Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican president, and also he was one the best presidents the United States ever had. Since then, the United States has been ran by the sectional parties. Even thought it was not the first political party, the Republican Party was created to make a change, the Republican Party let humans be treated like humans. The Republican Party beat the Democrats and Whigs in making a movement against slavery, in my opinion is because is something that they were scared of, however the new sectional party helped them win the election of 1860, and then abolished slavery. Sectional party system was a new and improved system that challenged people’s views to make good decisions for humanity.
Slavery was a big problem that political parties avoided. After the Whig party collapsed, the Know-Nothings started to trend, but also collapsed, …show more content…

The two sectional party system helped the country become better in this kind of problems. This new sectional system did not accomplished what some people wanted, it accomplished what was better for humanity, and this system helped in making a good decision when Lincoln became president and abolished slavery. The democrats and Whigs avoided the topic of slavery because they were afraid that they would lose votes from the south, however a new party was brave enough (Republican) and went against the south believes. In the year 1860 was the first time a Republican candidate won the election, the Abraham Lincoln went on to become one of the best president of the United States, and also gave a stop to slavery in the entire country. Since then the Republican Party and Democrats have become the most important parties of the United States and they are part of the two sectional

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