Servant Leadership In Nursing

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I personally prefer servant leadership. Kreitner and Kinicki say that this form of leadership “focuses on increased service to others rather than to oneself” (2013, p. 487). However, I prefer Greenleaf’s definition, which states that their “chief motive is to serve others to be what they are capable of becoming” (Sendjaya & Sarros, 2002, p. 60). I grew up in a household with missionary parents, a sister who is a nurse, and a brother who is a teacher. My family has exemplified sacrifice and service to me my whole life. I think there is no better way to lead others than by serving them. After all, that is what Christ did. I think this approach to leadership is very well-rounded because it takes the selfishness away. When leaders put their employees and the company ahead of their own interests, they will benefit the company in the long run. Their focus on employees’ development will improve the productivity and satisfaction of the employees, which in return will make the company more profitable. Also, servant leaders take a more long-term perspective to ensure that the company will be sustainable over time. Therefore, they will not make decisions that will only benefit them in the short run. Therefore, I believe that servant leadership is the best way to lead a company, because it develops and empowers the employees, …show more content…

I explain to them how things work and mentor them as they learn about their new position. I teach them how to use certain programs or complete particular tasks. I introduce them to people in our department and in other departments in order to make them feel more connected and comfortable. While I am only their peer, I think it is one way I am developing servant leadership traits because I am learning to put their development and goals above my own. I have no desire for a reward for this, I just have the intrinsic motivation to help them

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