Sexism Among Black Women Essay

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From our previous lecture discussions, we talk about how women are placed lower in the pyramid of power. But women of color struggle the most because they not only have to deal with sexism, but also racism. We also see the issues of women of color against with white feminist movement. Women of color have to put more effort when dealing with their problems compared to white women in general. In this week’s readings, we are examining some of the problems that women of color have to deal with. In Sexism and Misogyny: Who Takes the Rap?, Bell Hook talks about “gangsta rap” that produces misogynistic problem among black women. In this work of her, we can see the struggles of Black women because of their gender and race. In the “gangsta rap”, the stereotypes among Black women are being presented too much in the public by producing this type of music. She also talks about the reason why black men are creating this kind of music and highlights the participation of powerful white people who are …show more content…

The similarities I have found between Combahee River Collective Statement and this week’s writers are they both working on the issue of sexism and the problem of racism within the feminist movement. For example, the open letter of Audre Lorde to Mary Daly is condemning her why she did not include the experiences and the voices of women of color in her written work that she sent to Audre Lorde. The Black feminist in Combahee River Collective Statement are also publicly addressing issue of racism in the white women’s movement. In one of their statement, they said that they are aware that white women movement are putting little effort to recognize and battle their racism. The women of color deal with more problems compared to white women, but their problem are mostly being ignored and not given importance by the white feminist

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