Sexual Assault And Sexual Violence In The Military

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The topic I wanted to learn more about and let other people understand is that men do go through violence in the military, specifically sexual assault that men go through but very little do people know that it is happening to them. I feel this an important topic for those to understand men in the military are likely to get sexually assaulted as much as women do in the military. It hasn’t been until recently that there is group therapy for men who were raped in the military and were not receiving the same attention and support as women were and they started a study group for them to understand them. Sexual violence within the military is not really recognized by the military officials, policymakers, health care professionals or the media. What they do not know is that the sexual violence in the military is high, since they do not recognize the sexual violence there is for males in the military. Lastly, since these men are in the military the sexual assault towards them is considered a myth and that the way the military is considered it does not see that they are intentionally contributing to sexual assault. I feel that everyone safety is important and we always do not pay attention about men getting sexually assaulted and in the military, everyone should have the interest to support those men who were victimized of rape.

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