Sexual Assault In Universities

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Sexual Assault in Universities Sexual assault a topic a lot of people rather not talk about. While sexual assault is still a noticeable problem in universities today, one-in-four undergraduate women still report that they were sexually assaulted. Less than 20% of college sexual assaults are reported, many people are afraid of what comes after they report it. Many students are afraid of the reputation they may get from fellow students. One-in-four, is that a statistic you want when people search sexual assault in US universities? UW-Madison recently released a survey regarding sexual assault at their school. 27 percent of female undergraduates reported experiencing sexual assault at UW-Madison alone. “Sexual assault affects the health and …show more content…

One way colleges can help is to have educational programs and have students give their ideas. Campuses can have clear and untestable guidelines and procedures for students on sexual violence. Schools should have a written action plan when it comes to sexual violence and follow through on the procedures. Colleges should also have a clear definition of sexual misconduct. Provide the students and facility with a clear definition of behaviors that constitute sexual assault and other forms of sexual misconduct. “Make it easier to report rapes, erase the stigma and shame the victims have (victims often do not report or are even convince to not report, because of the "reputation they will have"), offer consistent and sufficient support for the victim, raise awareness consistently, reach out to freshman and very clearly inform them of what to do if this happens, have stronger and clearer punishments for alleged and convicted perpetrators. Make sure that the entire campus, especially male students, know what consent is, have large and active safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students, as well as safe places for the victims.” (Albright) Another thing college can do it have counselors and professionals who are informed on this

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