Sexual Assault Reflection

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Reflection: In general, most of the research does not look at the media’s perception of sexual assault. Most articles look at topics related to sexual assault. Some articles look at Greek life and Greek member’s risky behavior, which can overlap with alcohol and drug use that relates to sexual assault. A main theme is that students associated with Greek organizations are much more likely to consume more alcohol and participate in risky activities. The area that my research that is close to complete is the themes of Greek life and alcohol and drug use. There are many different articles, even though that three of the articles are written by the same researcher. There is a lot of information on both of these subjects. Most of the articles mention …show more content…

For example, I combined the Clergy Act and Title IX as policies because there is so little information. I found two main articles that look at the success of these acts. Most articles mention something about the acts in their literature reviews, but it is minimal. There is very little on the policies and solution, so this is somewhere where I would have to find more articles on. Also, another area is the media and their perception. This might be because there is little articles that are peer reviewed about the medias effect. There are articles about the media and sexual assault and the media and college campuses but very few on all three. One article looked at sports media and college student’s intent to help, and another looked at parent’s warnings of crime shows and news and incoming college students perceptions of crime. Heyes article looked at the use of social media and media as a tool in sexual assaults, which is not really the perception of it. I believe that this is a very important part and that I am going to have to find more articles on the topic. Also, victim and offender are rarely looked at, they are mentioned throughout articles literature reviews, but they never are talked about in full detail. So, this topic will either have to be combined with something else, or more articles will have to be found about them. I have not combined it yet, because I believe that this is a important topic especially when talking about the media and its

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