Sexual Harassment In Secondary Schools

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The issue that I’m researching is about the sexual harassment in secondary schools. The Academic Search Premier database is helpful. My keywords are sexual harassment and secondary school. They give me a specific direction to find sources. My research questions also helped me to find the appropriate sources. Based on my keywords and research questions, I chose peer-reviewed journal article for the annotated bibliography. They all published in scholarly magazines. Here are my research questions:
 Why did sexual harassment happen in the secondary school? Can we believe that the secondary provided a special environment to sexual harassment?
 Is there a type of student who is harassed more than others (few friends, poor grades, etc.)?

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used a mixed-method design to test the sexual harassment among U.S. middle school students (176). In the research, they used “The 14-item AAUW Sexual Harassment Survey” to measure the frequency of unwanted sexual harassment. Sexual harassment occurred most frequently in hallways, followed by classrooms. Girls and boys reported different people as perpetrators. From the survey, we can know that there are six types of the most upsetting unwanted incidents: (1) verbal - homophobic language; (2) verbal - sexual commentary and sexual rumor spreading; (3) physical – being touched; (4) pulling down pants; (5) being sexually assaulted; and (6) dismissiveness of victimization. The article provided evidence of why sexual harassment happened in secondary schools and how sexual harassment happened in secondary schools. Those six types of the most upsetting unwanted incidents showed that sexual harassment is not far away from students’ life. In addition, girls and boys reported different people as perpetrators. For me, it’s a new perspective of researching the …show more content…

The article based on a nationally representative sample of 16,604 students in 327 schools in Israel. Almost one in four students were reported that they have experienced at least on sexual harassment by peers. Students who have less-educated parents tend to report more sexual harassment experience. There are high levels of victimization in school which have larger schools and classrooms, and negative school climate. From the article, I know that the school climate and the size of the classroom may influence the risk of sexual harassment, and students who have less-educated parents tend to report more sexual harassment experience. They can help me to solve my research problems. The article is reliable. First, the study was funded by a grant from the Israeli Ministry of Education. It means that the Israeli Ministry of Education will check the data and the conclusion. Second, the article was published in American Journal of Orthopsychiatry. The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry is a bimonthly peer-reviewed medical journal covering orthopsychiatry, the publisher is the American Psychological Association. APA is a well-known association, it represents the high level of

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