Shepherd's Pie Analysis

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When you first hear the name Shepherd's Pie, you would think that it is some type of sweet desert. If you actually know what it is then you know that it is a classic meal. The main ingredients in Shepherd's Pie is vegetables, ground beef, and mashed potatoes, which are layered like a cake. The mashed potatoes are on top and give the meal a bland boring kind of look. The taste is sweet because of the butter added to the top. Underneath the potatoes are the vegetables which consist of carrots, peas, and corn. Depending on if you brought the vegetables and cut them up yourself or you brought them already together and frozen will change the taste of the middle layer. I usually cut my vegetables up myself so I can control the size and season them myself. The last layer is ground beef which really just depend on how you like to cook ground beef. My ground beef is usually a deep brown with season salt seasoned on it.

My first introduction with it was when I was 12 and my dad decided that he wanted to teach me how to cook. At the time, our relationship was rocky with him living in Florida and me living in Georgia. It wasn't until he moved to Georgia that we started to see each other more. I remember that he wanted to be "hands-off" and …show more content…

The meal itself doesn't have a social/cultural symbolism to it but the 'not being able to cook' does on women and definitely women of color. I might be putting more into cooking shepherd pie but to me it was a symbol of my relationship with my dad. He always tries to tell me that I am wrong about something and me just always trying to please him and not standing up for myself which can get tricky when you are trying to not cross that line of disrespect. Even though I love this meal, my feelings has changed since the first time I made it. Now when I make it, I don't try to get everything right. I just cook it. If it turns out right then good but if it doesn't, that's

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