Ship Dream Short Story

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Ship Dream

There is a sea which is vast; so vast that it’s billowing waters fade into a white mist at the edges of the world. This world, however, is not your world, nor the next, but a world of its own. And in this world consisting only of sea, a wooden ship sails.
This ship is not an ordinary ship of reality, but one of dreams, for this ship is that of a fairytale. On deck children played in bright colors of pink and green and red and gold, their hair unbound and flowing in the wind. This was not an abnormal sight. But below deck lay something far more extraordinary.
The children below deck played with fairies and trolls and dolls and candy was strewn about for any mouth to eat. Glitter rained down from the magical ship’s ceiling and animals scurried between the feet of dancing children. Colors of the rainbow shone from cracks within the deck to shine the glowing upholstery and sweeping staircase with splendid light. Laughter and music and chatter where all that could be heard, for the children of the ship did not dare restrict themselves to frivolous rules such as keeping their voices down. It was chaotic harmony, a magical dream. It was a ship were children did not grow up.
However, there was a young boy among the children that saw not a fairytale, but a nightmare. He saw what really was. The fairies were demons, the trolls were rats, the dolls were corpses, the candy was spoiled, the glitter was blood, the colors were red and bleeding. What he saw was hard, cold,

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