Essay About Ship Dream

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Ship Dream

There is a sea which is vast; so vast that it’s billowing waters fade into a white mist at the edges of the world. This world, however, is not your world, nor the next, but a world of its own. And in this world consisting only of sea, a wooden ship sails.
This ship is not an ordinary ship of reality, but one of dreams, for this ship is that of a fairytale. On deck children played in bright colors of pink and green and red and gold, their hair unbound and flowing in the wind. This was not an abnormal sight. But below deck lay something far more extraordinary.
The children below deck played with fairies and trolls and dolls and candy was strewn about for any mouth to eat. Glitter rained down from the magical ship’s ceiling and animals
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They looked ahead and saw something strange in this world of only sea; they saw land. Panic clashed through both, for when land appears in a world of water it can only mean one thing: death.
“The shore is death, the shore is death!” they warned, they called. “Meet at the stern if you wish to live, if you wish to live!”
But the children did not listen.
The children scowled at the adults, for they did not want to leave their dream, they did not want to grow up, they did not want to live in reality, and they did not want to leave their magic.
The man and woman warned one last time at the stern that the shore was death, the shore was death, but the children refused to leave their magic.
And so the man and woman jumped off the stern and into the water, the blue, clear, billowing water. And they waded in the water while they watched the ship drift closer and closer to the shore, closer and closer to death.
They’re bodies were water-shriveled and nerves frayed by the time the bow reach the shore, and disappeared. So did the amidship when it reached the shore. So did the stern. And so the man and woman watched as the magical ship disappeared into the crushing death of
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