Short Biography: Meriwether Lewis

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Meriwether Lewis
Meriwether Lewis was born near Ivy, Virginia on August 8, 1774. Lewis also served in the military where he had met William Clark. Lewis was quite successful in the army as he received the rank of captain. After returning back from deployment, Lewis was contacted by the former president Thomas Jefferson in 1801 for a mission. Jefferson had proposed to Lewis his assignment which was to explore the lands west of the Mississippi. Jefferson’s purpose was to have Lewis identify the environment of the land to the West such as the people, plants and animals. Lewis took this on this challenge and contacted William Clark in joining him on this expedition. Lewis and Clark immediately jumped into this expedition as they started their
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Barton was always a very shy child and her career first ignited when she was the first one to tend her brother, David, after he had got into an accident. Barton also enjoyed being useful and helping others so she decided to become a teacher by the age of 15, which led her to open her own, free public school. Later on in her career, Barton worked as a clerk in the U.S. Patent Office. Clara Barton took any opportunity that she could to help and assist people so during the Civil War, Barton had the perfect chance to put her desire to work. However, in the beginning of her career, Barton did not do much besides collecting and distributing supplies for the Union Army. Because this was not Barton’s idea of aiding people, she became an independent nurse and encountered her first combat in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Barton tried to aid as many injured soldiers to the best of her abilities and was then given the name of “the angel of the battlefield”. By serving these wounded men, this gave Barton a clear idea of what she wanted to do and what her goal was which was to become a nurse and support the…show more content…
Thus, Sitting Bull danced for 36 hours straight, harmed himself, and did not prevented himself from drinking water during a Sun Dance. By performing this religious ceremony, he explained to the rest of the native peoples that they had won the war against the Americans. Sitting Bull got involved in many battles and also led a few of them against the Americans such as the Battle of the Rosebud and the Battle at Little Bighorn. Sitting Bull and his people were also very successful in their battles, embarrassing the U.S. government. Since the U.S. government was furious and gained more authority, Bull led his men to Canada. However, when Bull returned four years later, he was held captive but was later released two years after. After he got out from prison, he encountered Annie Oakley and she offered him a job by joining the Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show. Along his way, he was exposed to many things that he had never known about which led him to want to go back to his own
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