Personal Narrative: Grandma Don T Leave Me

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“Grandma, don’t leave me!” cried Ruby Chen with tears running down her chubby cheeks. “Who will take me to the park now? Who will bake me egg tarts on the weekends?”

“Ruby, sweetie, Grandma is going to a happy place. She won’t be in anymore pain” said Elizabeth Chen, her mother.

“Where is everyone?” shouted Timothy Chen with frustration. “They were suppose to be here an hour ago”

“It’s okay. As long as I am not alone when I go, I am already satisfied” Grandma Chen said while trying to wipe the tears from Ruby’s cheeks. She will miss her and her crazy little antics. Ruby is such an energetic child and it hurts that Grandma won’t be able to see her grow up.

“Ruby, grandma will be leaving soon. I won’t be able to be there for your eighth birthday in a couple of weeks, but
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I just need you to sign on the bottom of this paper and that will be it.” He said handing over a pen.

She signed the paper that he was holding in his hand.

She looked around the room one more time and smiled bitterly. How glorious and satisfying it was to be able to see and say goodbye to your loved ones one last time. These were their children and this was their family, but he chose to die alone. She sighed, this was the past and she will see him soon. She will be able to scold him as long as she want in a bit. She will be able to hear his voice and hold his hand. She will be able to let go of her bitterness as long as she sees him. They will be able to continue their life right from where they left off. She laughed and smiled at her children and grandchildren who started crying. They were leaning on each other and crying into their loved ones’ shoulders. They were going to be fine after she leave. They had each other.

“Goodbye” she said and nodded at the doctor. He walked over and turned off all the machines.

She cried out loud. Tears were welling up and leaking over. There was so much pain. Breathing became harder. She closed my eyes and everything became
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