Short Story: A Story

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“Grandma, don’t leave me!” cried Ruby Chen with tears running down her chubby cheeks. “Who will take me to the park now? Who will bake me egg tarts on the weekends?” “Ruby, sweetie, Grandma is going to a happy place. She won’t be in anymore pain” said Elizabeth Chen, her mother. “Where is everyone?” shouted Timothy Chen with frustration. “They were suppose to be here an hour ago” “It’s okay. As long as I am not alone when I go, I am already satisfied” Grandma Chen said while trying to wipe the tears from Ruby’s cheeks. She will miss her and her crazy little antics. Ruby is such an energetic child and it hurts that Grandma won’t be able to see her grow up. “Ruby, grandma will be leaving soon. I won’t be able to be there for your eighth birthday in a couple of weeks, but I gave your mom your present. I hope you will like it. When you miss me, take out the present and talk to it like how you would with me. I’ll be there listening.” “Do you promise grandma?” She asked sniffling. “I promise. Have I ever broken a promise to you?” “Yes. Many times. There was that time you promised that make me a strawberry shortcake and you ended up making me a chocolate cake. There was the other time that you promised to take me to the zoo, but we ended up at the movies….and there was that time….and the other time….” she said while counting her fingers. “Haha. Those are different. This is grandma’s last promise to you. I have never broken a serious promise. Now have I?” Grandma Chen said

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