Should Math Be Taught In Schools Essay

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There are a millions of girls around the world that are struggling with math when they reach about 1st grade. The girls start doubting themselves and think that they can 't achieve great things at school such as in math class. Boys at a young age don’t get told that they aren’t able to do things they are usually pushed to do things in any type of situations. In classrooms boys tend to raise their hand to answer any type of question even if it’s a wrong answer while the girls just would rather sit there and hope to not be called upon. There have been researched about why girls have troubles in math or any type of classroom. Researchers say that girls would have a more difficult time in any type of classrooms because they lack self-confidence.…show more content…
During the camp, there were so many girls that had self-doubts about math and how they couldn’t do it. It was hard in the beginning trying to tell the girls that math can be fun if we try and use art skills to solve math problems. The first week was the hardest because the girls didn’t want to work at all because the girls that were good at math were always showing off and the girls that were having struggles didn’t want to get involved in math even if art was brought in. Once the more shy and doubting girls started to get involved in the math games/ art, they were able to get the hang of it fast that the other counselors would have to help them once in a while which showed just how much the girls were starting to have fun with math. The last week of camp, the girls were more confident in math that it made things easier that we would all start making math games and hang out with the girls. The main role of the whole camp was to help out the girls that were having struggles in math and doubting themselves. By the end of the two weeks the girls and I had a deep conection of the fact that I was able to be there with them from the beginning till the end. Leaving the camp left me wondering what makes girls seem like they are less when they have so much potential and that they are treated so differently than
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