Should Minimum Driving Age Be Raised

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Do you think the minimum driving age should be raised? I agree with the state raising the driving age because of drivers under the age of sixteen is not ready for the safety of the road. It is a big responsibility to driving, and it is a big safety issue. You will need to think about the more accidents, being maturity, and they will need more practice behind the wheel. The state legislature is concern about safety, so they increase the driving age. The state should increase the driving age because the more accidents happening to young people. The more accidents are caused by drivers that are young and not ready to be on the road. Young drivers get in accidents by going fast down the road , and they should take their time instead of …show more content…

If you are at the movies with your friend and you had to ask for a ride back home you wouldn't need it because you can drive yourself back home. If you play a sport like football after the game you will be hungry and your parents wouldn't feel like taking to you the store. If you was driving you could have got something to eat and could be on your way home. Their are some students that drive to school or to college everyday because they're excited to have their own car. The driving age should be raised and driving is not all jokes and games it is a very serious matter when you get under that wheel. Some matters are serious like helping family members when their car breaks down or when they need a ride to the store. When a family member calls you should come right away and help them out because they will probably do the same favor for you when you need it. You will show them that you are always their for them when you need them and they will say you are growing up fast. The state should raised the driving age to 16 to 18. When you are driving stay focus on the road and pay attention. Don't get caught looking at no cell phone or radio or anything that doesn't matter. Their is nothing more important the road and that is the

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