Should Police Officers Use Excessive Force

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After reading this case, there were many things that went on in my mind. Qualified immunity is what stood out to me. According to the Legal Information Institute, it states, “Specifically, it protects government officials from lawsuits alleging that they violated plaintiffs’ rights, only allowing suits where officials violated a “clearly established” statutory or constitutional right” (Legal Information Institute). To me, I think when a police officer use any type of force, they are going against that person having constitutional rights. I feel as though police officers think that it is their right to use excessive force when they are in a tough situation such as this. It don 't seem like they can handle a situation without being a weapon into …show more content…

I say this because the police officers did not have to go to the extreme of using excessive force in order for Armstrong to cooperate with them. They used the only thing that was beneficial to them and it was to bring out the taser. Even though the officers were still granted qualified immunity, what about the fact of Armstrong being killed. It seemed as if the police officers were in the wrong, no one took the time to care about what happened to Armstrong. There are some other people who were in situations that involved police officers using excessive force. For example, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, and Eric Garner. Armstrong vs. Pinehurst is not the only case, this is a reoccurring act. I have done some reading on these cases and I do not think what happened to them was right. Maybe if their situation would have occurred a little bit differently, then they could still be alive until this very day. When someone is in police custody, it should be their responsibility on seeing what is going on with that person. Once that person die, then there will be a lot of blame put on the police officers. In all reality, I believe that a change should be made for people who are put into a situation like this. There should be more care for them because it is their life who is being taken away from

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