Similarities And Differences In The Outsiders

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How do people with such similar lives, and problems, have completely opposite personalities? Well in S.E. Hintons’ The Outsiders two characters, Jonny Cade and Dallas Winston that are very similar yet very different at the same time. How could one person that had grown up a New York gang have similarities to a small town boy that would never harm anyone. These two characters still do have similarities and differences due to how they view the world and how they view life. Jonny Cade and Dallas Winston have two very significant similarities. The first similarity is that they share is they both have abusive parents. Dally’s parents don 't care about what he does or where he is. When Dally was 10 years old he joined a gang in New York. His parents had no leash on him and never cared for his actions. When Dally went to visit Johnny and Ponyboy at the church, Johnny asked if his parents were worried about him because Johnny had killed a man earlier that week. Dally replied no and, “‘Shoot my old man don 't give a hang whether I’m in jail or dead in a car wreck”’(88). Also, Dally joined that gang in New York because, he knew that his parents didn 't add any value to his life. Similarly, Johnny’s parents don’t know where he is or why he is there. Not only do they not know where he is but, when he gets home his dad beats him and his mom ignores him. When Ponyboy is talking about Johnny and his parents he mentions, ‘“His father was always beating him up and his mother ignored

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