Similarities Between Indian Horse And Indian Horse

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Conjuring Compatibility Richard Wagamese’s Indian Horse and George Orwell’s 1984 display inherently similar themes despite differing vastly in context and story. Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese follows Saul Indian Horse on his journey of back-tracking into his past to heal himself. George Orwell’s 1984 follows Winston Smith, a man who struggles to cope with his desires to live freely in the totalitarian superstate of Oceania. Both Saul Indian Horse and Winston Smith use writing to survive in life, while authors, Richard Wagamese and George Orwell, use imagery to convey their protagonists’ emotional states to readers. However, the St. Jerome’s children in Indian Horse are innocent victims who suffer from threats, illness or suicide, whereas the children of 1984 are brainwashed government agents who carry out their government’s regime. In juxtaposition, Indian Horse and 1984 both have properties that are similar and different from each other. In Indian Horse, Saul uses writing as a means of survival of seeing what made him turn away from the pain of his rape and cease repressing its happening; for him to live on with his life. Saul writes memoirs to find the hidden answers of why he turned to violence and alcoholism and using them to break free of the cycle. From pages two to three Saul says “They say I can’t understand where I’m going if I don’t understand where I’ve been. The answers are within me, according to them. By telling our stories, hardcore drunks like me can set
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