Similarities Between Joey And Akiyoshi

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From Duke Ellington to Oscar Peterson, Jazz always has seen as a male-dominated musical genre. So is to Joey Alexander, Jazz has a spotlight on the youngest Jazz musician and composer. The first man of Indonesian descent to have caused sensations in the jazz world at the age of 10. On the other hand, Toshiko Akiyoshi, a talented jazz pianist from Japan is considered one of the first Asian females to be the leader that dominates by men and faces many struggles. Ensembling her big bands with be-bop jazz to making an impact in dominating male jazz. After decades of Asian being model minority, Joey and Toshiko Akiyosi’s now deserves to be viewed from another point of view–as incredibly talented and inspirational Asian jazz musicians and composers, what inspired them as their musical background, how they started the career as jazz pianists in getting to the marketing labels, and their compositions differentiate.
In Denpasar, Bali, June 25, 2003, Joey Alexander was born. As a hyperactive kid, one day, when Joey was six, his parents, Denny and Fara Silas, brought a mini keyboard hoping he would be interested in and channel his restless energy. So, he began teaching himself to play the piano. A year later, by listening to his dad’s classic jazz collection of Duke Ellington, …show more content…

Toshiko spent much time listening of the best artists of the time such Bud Powell and many more, but Powell considered is the greatest influenced in her career because he was the major contribution of de-bop music in the United States in the 1940s. Toshiko’s piano style developed to have a “strong, sinewy right-hand capable of spinning out long melodic improvisations, accompanied in the left hand by light, sparse chord punctuations.” Since then, with the technique. she effectively played in a solo and an accompanied position in a jazz

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